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We offer 3 different sizes of dog ramps:

Small - $110 

Large - $130 

High set - $150


Our ramps are approved and endorsed by DISA (Dachshund IVDD Support Australia). 

For more info from the lovely crew over at DISA visit their website. www.ivdd.org.au 

The small ramp reaches the heights of 35 - 40 - 45cm Approx. The large heights of 40 - 45 - 50cm Approx. The large high set is designed to help reach high beds with the heights of 55 - 60 and 65cm Approx. The small ramp is 95cms long, Large is 1m long and the High set is 110cm long (to decrease the incline which helps older or injured dogs). We can customize some orders, however the cost will change accordingly.  The ramps are designed for small dogs to assist them getting onto the couch or bed. Each ramp can hold a static 70kg. However, we rate them easily to 20-25kg dynamic force aka “ZOOMIES”. 

We are located in North Brisbane and offer pick up or delivery Australia wide.  

There are new items coming soon - STAY TUNED


Three Sizes

We have three sizes that will suit any need.


Custom Ramps

We know its not "one size fits all" so we can customise most ramps to your liking.

Sizes And Prices

All these three ramps can be customised if you need them to

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Dashie Dog Ramps

McDowall Village, Hamilton Rd., Brisbane, Queensland 4053, Australia

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Pick up or Delivery Australia wide

We are Offer pick up in North Brisbane area and can find a time that suits you.